Lunch Bunch is an optional program that runs from 11:30-12:30, Monday through Thursday for the 3-4 year olds. The Pre-k students have lunch from 12:20-1:00, which is added into their daily schedule at no additional cost.

Children must bring in their own healthy lunch that can be stored in a lunch box or paper bag. Due to licensing standards, we are not allowed to heat up or keep food cold. You may use thermos containers and/or ice packs to keep your child’s lunch hot or cold. We ask that you provide a nutritous lunch for your child. No candy or pop allowed.

North Como Preschool will provide milk, water, napkins and utensils for your child’s lunch. There is limited space available for each day in Lunch Bunch, so please be sure to hand this form in as soon as possible.

 The monthly cost of Lunch Bunch is as follows:

1 day a week:          $15.00

2 days a week:        $30.00

3 days a week:        $45.00

4 days a week:        $60.00

Drop in rate:            $5.00/day